Gt40p nitrous spark plug

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What Are GT40/GT40P Heads?

Reach, Resistor, Shorty, Each. Reach, Projected Tip, Resistor, Each.

GT40P Cylinder Heads Exhaust Clearance Problems Issues \u0026 Concerns Fixes? Ideas? Mustang

Spark Plug, Gasket Seat, 14mm Thread. Reach, Gasket Seat, Each. Reach, Non-Resistor, Each. This is a custom order part. You can order this part by Contacting Us.

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gt40p nitrous spark plug

Delivery Options If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. Spark Plug, Tapered Seat, 14mm Thread. Spark Plug, Gasket Seat, 10mm Thread. Call To Order This is a custom order part. View Details.This plug is very close on the tuneup but a bit lean, it measured AFR The small amount of color was likely due to being driven to the lanes but it was towed back - no run time after the pass.

Here's an example of having way too much timing, way too much fuel for a very brief time, the last thing you want to see when you pull a plug out. The only thing that will melt a ground strap is too much HEAT, period. This plug was used in a run where timing was being ramped in way too slowly on a large shot.

It was on an very short, aborted pass, hence how rich the plug looks, was driven all the way down track idling on a too rich carb with plug. When you see something like this, you've either got too much timing, you didn't get the timing in quick enough, or you've lost ring seal and oil got in the chamber which will burn a lot faster than fuel.

Other problems can melt one down too, this cylinder went into meltdown not due to timing, but the hole misfired multiple times, the spark plug wire on the adjacent cylinder in the firing order was off. Spark jumped over to the preceding hole in the firing order causing massive detonation and pre-ignition. The piston in that cylinder actually broke in the center "and" it melted the head all the way to the water jacket.

Example of oil getting into the chamber - notice the shiny glazed appearance on the porcelain, instead of a flat color it has a dull sheen to it, like semi-gloss paint. Also the plug base and threads have a shiny surface and traces of oil as well. That's not good, it means oil's getting into the chamber and you're having a ring seal or other oil problem. This plug will soon start misfiring soon due to the glazing on the porcelain. It also looks pretty hot if you look at the ground strap it looks pitted, another sign of high heat.

The engine probably has way too much timing in it. Unlike the plugs in the photos below, this plug you could not wipe the soot off the base - it's MUCH hotter. This particular car was sucking oil into the intake after the run while the intake vacuum was high. Point is when you see plugs like this, you had better do a compression test and see if you've hurt the rings, but it's not always a ring seal problem that is causing oil to get into the chamber. Above is another example of a glazed plug, but this time it's not due to oil.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Thanks and do i use the stock 5. I am putting them on tomorrow. Coupe5oh New Member. Yep felpro headgaskets for a 5. You will probaly have to go to the parts store after you tear it down, you most likely run into broken vacuum lines, and other minor problems.

Oct 3, 2, 93 79 32 Dallas, TX. Stock is the Autolitethat is what I bought for my gt40p heads. Some people go with the motorcraft, they are the same plug but on the motorcraft, the whole side is threaded, and on the autolite only half of the spark plug is threaded.This part is legal for sale and use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles when used in accordance with the manufacturers application guide because it is a direct or consolidated replacement part.

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gt40p nitrous spark plug

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In Stock. Add to Wish List. This helps eliminate burning the spark plug boot or dimpling the header tube. The shorter spark plug length also can make it easier to install an remove the spark plugs in certain applications where there is not a lot of room to fit a socket or move a wrench around. They deliver a stronger spark especially in high performance applications where high combustion pressures are present. Copper is much better at dissipating heat than other materials which lessens the chance of a misfire.

ACCEL Shorty Spark Plugs are gapable allowing you to open the gap exposing a larger flame kernel or close it if needed for high boost applications.

The cap is sealed to eliminate corrosion. Fits GM V8 5. Part Part C. Limited 90 Day Warranty: See Details. Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar regulations.Home MustangWorks. Spammer "hideouts", such as OVH Hosting are also being blocked. Note that many "temporary", "minute" and other disposable email domains are blocked as well, as is any email domain ending in.

For successful registration, you must use an email address assigned to you by your internet service provider. Which Sparkplugs for GT40P's? I am more concerned about without at this point, until spring. I prefer Autolites, just trying to figure out what size.

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Thank you. I talked to the guy I bought the new heads from and he works at a place called Victory Enginesand he said that I should ask for 93 Cobra plugs, does this sound right, just making sure. I am sure he knows what he is talking about, just trying to comfirm before I buy. Hey Shotgun28, I just put new plugs in my Cobra and the receipt said they were Autolite plugs.

I don't know how they are with nitrous because I don't run it, but I hope this helps. Beau 93 Cobra: MAC fenderwell mount cold air, BBK underdrive pulleys, 8mm plug wires, shorty headers, off road h-pipe, Borla Cat-back, centerforce clutch, hurst shifter, 3.

I've got a little comparison chart on my website under the Tech Tips section. Find More Posts by Jeff Chambers.

Jeff, What should I gap them to? The autolite 's. Same as stock? Is it the same plugs as a 93 Cobra like Bill Klein said? THanks gang for your help.

Double Platinum Shorty Spark Plug

Yeah does anyone know what plug to run with nitrous? Throttle Junkie Powered by Ford! If you've bumped the compression and have an aftermarket ignition box, then you can start working it down some.

I've run mine as low as 0. I just went to Advance Auto and got Autolites for a 98 Explorer 5. I have mine gapped at. I do have raised comp, but have stock ignition for now, so that is why I gapped them so high.

Find More Posts by Josh Thread Tools.Spark plug choice plays a huge role in the information you will receive from looking at the spark plug during tuning.

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There are many different spark plug brands and styles. When too many carbon deposits accumulate along the insulator nose carbon fouling occurs and engine misfire may occur. The spark plugs insulator nose design is usually a great indication to the heat range of the spark plug. The hotter plug will have a long, thin insulator nose, while a colder plug will have a short, thick insulator nose. The long, thin insulator nose will heat up faster and will not transfer the heat to the shell as fast.

The short, thick insulator nose will withstand the heat better and transfer the heat to the shell faster. Under most circumstances, the colder the plug is, the less protruded the center electrode will be from the shell. Each of these is a factor to be considered in both naturally-aspirated and power-adder type engines. Compression and horse power generally correlate with one another.

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However, in a boosted engine, you will usually refer to overall horse power and the amount of boost. Both higher horse power and higher compression ratio engines generate more cylinder combustion pressure and heat. Using the correct fuel type and octane is important because it will also alter the cylinder temperatures. E85, alcohol, and higher octane race gas will require different heat range plugs for the same given horse power and compression ratio than the engine would need on pump gas or lower octane fuels.

We will cover fuel choice in a later section. Spark plug companies have a scale in which they rate the spark plugs temperature. For example: NGK uses a scale fromthe lowest number being the hottest spark plug, and the highest number being the coldest spark plug.

A stock LS1 5. This is also the case with any type of power-adder application. On average, lower horse power applications will need a step colder spark plug for every HP added. On higher horse power levels, it may need a step colder for every 50 HP added. There is no specific chart to base spark plug temperature off of. This is why reading spark plugs during the tune up process is important.When upgrading heads on your Fox Body Mustang 5. We walk you through what GT40 heads are, why they are a popular upgrade, and what kind of power increases you can see.

GT40 heads are a factory small block ford head found on a certain vehicles. They were most famous for their debut on the Cobra. The GT40P heads had a small combustion chamber ranging from cc while the GT40 heads had a cc combustion chamber. The GT40P heads also had a different spark plug placement making header choice important. GT40P specific headers are needed unless you use spark plug wires with 90 degree boots to clear the heads.

Although you will see different gains from car to car and with more mods, we can give you a ball park power gain that you will see from doing the swap.

Most stock Fox Body Mustangs can expect an increase of horsepower over stock heads at the crankso around rear wheel horsepower.

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GT40 heads can be found pretty much anywhere you look. Therefore if you are wanting used these heads, you will have to do a little searching on Forums, Facebook groups, Craiglist, or your local junkyard. While buying them used will be cheaper, our GT40P heads are what we recommend for those who want a direct bolt on part that has all new components.

gt40p nitrous spark plug

Show More Show Less. Share this article! Mustang GT40P Heads. Ford Performance Head Gasket Set 5.