Marzocchi roco coil r specs

Order by:. Available to:. This handy little tool will remove and refit the DU bushes from your rear shock. No more annoying rattle! The tool and bushes come in 2 sizes. Bush ID Shock Manufacturer They can be pretty tight and anything softer than steel tends to deform under load. Aluminium cup- strong enough to take the load but not so hard that it'll damage the shock body High tensile screw Grade Thanks for looking!

Who are Stephens Cycles? Stephens Cycles is run by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. We are professional engineers and have great industry contacts which enable us to buy OEM quality parts with huge discounts.

Our aim is to pass these discounts on to the wider biking population. We specialise in loose bearings and bushes and we have also got a handy little tool for removing and refitting DU bushes from Fox and Manitou shocks. This means that all international shipments will be sent on the Friday after I receive your order.

Please be patient. Ammortizzatore ad aria Marzocchi Roco Lite mtb Enduro x Fox Rear Shock Eyelet Bush x2. Marzocchi Rear Spring Shock Coil x 2. The spring rate is a x 2.

Marzocchi Roco RC World Cup review

This coil was barely even used. I bought a titanium coil right away and may have like a month of riding on this coil. Please contact me if you have any questions. Payment by Paypal please. Spring Downhill DH. Marzocchi ROCO tst r 8. Handling, packaging and related manpower costs. Items are generally shipped out 1 business day after payment has been verified Sun. Transit time will take business days depending on your location. Payment must be received within 7 days after auction ended.

If we haveMarzocchi Axles and Part … read more.

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Control knobs and parts for Marzocchi forks Item Specifications model: Bomber 58 Grip description: top cap interface parts … read more. Replacement steel spring kits for tuning Marzocchi suspension forks … read more. Oil seal and dust wiper introducer protects new seals from nicks during installation Item Specifications model: 38mm stanchion description: … read more. The Bomber Z2 hits the sweet spot for riders who want an all-round fork that performs in a vast range of off-road applications.

Suspension Fork Rebuild Part … read more. We define color as the main color of the item. It may have accents or highlights in other colors. Some orders are inelligible for delivery discounts. See offer details for disqualifying products and destinations.

marzocchi roco coil r specs

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Rear shocks: Coil vs Air (Drop-test) [MTB]

Remove Filters. Marzocchi Ships Free. Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Suspension Fork: New Marzocchi Ships Free. Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Suspension Fork: 29", mm, Rail Damper, 15 xmm, 44mm Offset, Gloss Red The Bomber Z2 hits the sweet spot for riders who want an all-round fork that performs in a vast range of off-road applications.

More Products. These models are available for online purchasing and can be shipped directly to you. This is the part number or identifier for this item from the manufacturer. We categorize fork as either rigid or suspension. The travel is the distance a suspension fork can compress.

Recently added to our product selection. Buy this product and your entire order ships for free.And I was stoked. Not only because the brand represented what mountain biking meant to me at the time porn star spokesmodels notwithstandingbut because the early Rocos were driven by simplicity in design. In an era when other brands focused on platform valves and pedal modes, the Roco was a straight shooter.

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Lightly damped and heavily predictable, it stayed on my Giant Trance until I sold the bike years later. A lot has changed since then. The Marzocchi I knew is no more. Now owned by Fox, the storied brand serves as the workhorse label for the very company that helped put it under only a few years ago. Photo Credit: Marzocchi. The new coil shock shares the simplicity that I loved about the Roco Air.

Your adjustments are limited to spring rate, spring preload, low-speed compression and rebound damping. Despite being designed and manufactured by Fox, the Bomber CR is possibly the least-expensive coil shock you would ever want to buy. I tested the Bomber CR on a Santa Cruzwhose naturally progressive leverage curve is perfect for a coil shock. But the DPX2 takes it to another level.

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Then, after I bolted on the Bomber CR, the bike became far more focused on the task at hand. Essentially, it rode more like it had a coil shock. Like the Roco I tested back in the George W. Bush era, there is no platform valving, no independent high- and low-speed compression or rebound-damping adjustments, and no flippy levers.

The out-of-the-box damping tune allowed me to set its rebound damping just slightly slower than dead-center, which as a pound rider, seems just about right. I found myself running the compression damping only a couple clicks from wide open, but again, it was on a millimeter travel bike. It was not lacking in natural support. That means that the compression tune, like rebound, is also just about right.

And that begs the question we asked when we tested the Bomber Z1 fork. If this shock was designed by Fox and made in the same factory as all of its higher-shelf offerings, why would Fox not just expand the Van RC platform to include metric and trunnion standards and call it a day?

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By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed!Contact Us. Order by:. Available to:. Marzocchi Rocco Air R. New in box! Marzocchi shocks feel smooth and silky.

Because they are keeping your tires glued to the Limited time only! Technical Features- Ext. And comes complete with 2 DU bushings. Full instructions are included. With the main exception being Cane Creek who use a larger spherical bearings.

If you're unsure what size eyelets your shock has. Or if you require a 12mm version, please don't hesistate to contact me. DPS x2. RCS Renton Coil 1. Buy it Now Price: Constructed from proprietary titanium alloy, 1. Some want an environmentally friendly.

First Ride: Marzocchi Bomber CR

Cheap way to get around. Some are in it for the excitement. Others are in it for the lifestyle. Most just want to be healthy and have fun! Whatever your reason, we're here to help. You see, we love to ride bikes too, and we think that everyone should ride with us.

Affordable and unintimidating. Here at Bikewagon.It dances over rocks and roots, while at the same time giving you the confidence to try to grab a bit of airtime off whatever little tree stump or rock you may see. Simply put, this shock has blown us away. Another major disadvantage is that the Roco WC is currently only available in mm and mm eye-to-eye lengths. With the Roco, Marzocchi has kept adjustment simple.

Effectively, Marzocchi is asking buyers to stop worrying about having every adjustment feature under the sun — this shock, it reckons, has all that you really need. Shocks like the Roco are helping Marzocchi build a strong reputation for its rear shocks, and development from Marzocchi team riders Cedric Gracia and Brian Lopes has been a big factor.

This close cooperation with the top downhill and four-cross riders is reflected in the quality of the shock. Another great thing about being able to take it apart yourself is that you can put custom shim stacks in to increase the performance. However, Windwave told us that both Gracia and Lopes tried the custom settings and went back to the standard version — which shows that Marzocchi really did listen to them when creating the production version of this shock.

Latest deals. Our review Great-riding and well priced shock. Shows keeping it simple really works. Skip to view product specifications. Callum Jelley. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Best electric road bikes: e-road bikes for a helping hand on climbs. Pandemic vs Brexit — why have bikes got more expensive and harder to find? You may also like. Rear Shocks. Rockshox Monarch 4. Fox DHX 5 review.Young "Poker Betting Tips" 17 March 2006.

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marzocchi roco coil r specs

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marzocchi roco coil r specs

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