Raju caste in tamilnadu

Dalit IAS officer used to think caste bias was a myth. Now he’s fighting it

They are prominent in the fields of pharmamedicalAgriculture, horticulture, Aquaculture farming, Information Technology, Realestate and construction, films etc. They are likely to do very well in the emerging field of higher education setting up colleges and universities and Bio Technology too. During that time many Raju Zamindars donated their property's and land liberally for the upliftment of poor and Education.

Most of Rajus are doing well in Education, Information Technology,Bio-technology and also in other fields too. In the British broke up the estates and realigned the bigger brigands into Princely states and the lesser ones as Zamindars or Jagirdars. These zamindars were abolished after the formation of the Indian Union in Zamindars of Rajus : Zamindars and the families that controlled them in parenthesis. The Telugu Kshatriyas belonging to the five Gotras:.

Dhanunjaya is a branch of Vishwamitra. Some of the Kshatriya names are actually the same but due to regional pronunciation differences they are spelt differently. Rajapalayam kshatriya Raju's :.

The Rajapalayam kshatriya Raju's people who are living in the four kottas ports such as 1 The palayapalayam Kotta, 2 Sakkaraja Kotta, 3 Singa Raja kotta 4 Thiruvanantha puram kotta.

The kshatriya Rajus of Rajapalayam have an unique establishment. The origin of the Raju's, who are living in Rajapalayam in Tamilnadu has five centuries back, belonging to Bhimavaram areas of West Godavari and Amalapuram areas of East Godavari belt of telugu region. Sri Krishna Deva Raya, the Maharaja of vijaya Nagar kingdom had sent five Military commandos to Madurai Nayak kingdom to keep the law and order in the southern part of Nayaka kingdom at Sivagiri region.

The kshatriya Raju team under the leadership of poosapadi china Raju, other four brothers reached and established good for the Nayaka kingdom of Madurai. The Madurai Nayak granted a part of land through innam sasanam Free grant to establish a fort there. Later, the sakkaraja kottai was established in 18th century and in the fourth kotta i. At present, the kshatriya Raju's of Rajapalayam are having four kottas for their housing settlement.

There about families of kshatriya Raju's are living at Rajapalayam and its nearby areas of Tamilnadu.Bhatraju is an Indian caste of Telugu -speaking poets, ballad reciters, panegyristsand religious musicians. During the reign of Kakatiya rulers, they were allowed to integrate into the society by contributing their literary knowledge of Sanskrit. Eventually they instilled pious positions by devoting their duties as temple coordinators, priests and they switched to singing religious songs, [6] poetry and praises of richer land lords and performing their respective Dharmic traditions in wedding and other auspicious occasions.

They use Raju as their caste title. It is one of the few Brahmanic castes that has maintained the continuity of Sacred Thread called as Upanayanam. The Bhatrajus wear the sacred thread like the Brahmins and are well versed in sacred literature.

They call themselves Rajus Rajputs claiming half-decent from ancient Kshatriya clans. Bhatraju population is concentrated in North Western part of Telangana and Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh to where they were posited to have migrated from Northern Circars after the fall of Bhatti Rajput kingdoms.

They were originally attached to the courts of the Hindu kingdoms as poets, bards or professional troubadours, reciting ballads in poetry in glorification of the wondrous deeds of local princes and heroes. They were described as, "having a wonderful faculty in speaking improvisatoreon any subject proposed to them.

But their profession is that of chanting the exploits of former days in front of the troops while marshalling them for battle, and inciting them to emulate the glory of their ancestors.

As progress concurrently happened they were well versed as Landlords in regions of North West Telangana, and Coastal Andhra Pradesh, credibly called as Patwaris and Patels. By the erstwhile end of s they established themselves into the Telugu society as Teachers, Poets and Government officials. As of now most of them are highly educated individuals working as Professionals in various Industries and Disciplines.

Very less populace has still held onto the Poetical and Ballad lineage. While a majority of the older generation still practice those customs, and rely upon cultivation in rural areas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Partridge Publishing. The Society. University of Canterbury. People of India: Andhra Pradesh 3 pts.

Anthropological Survey of India.

Tamil Nadu: Schools segregate Dalit children by using wrist bands

Gurus of Modern Yoga. Oxford University Press. India Today. Retrieved Columbia University Press.

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Categories : Indian castes Indian ethnic group stubs. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. This article about an Indian ethnicity or social group is a stub.The central government in an order on Monday also approved the appointment of advocate Devang Vyas, the incumbent assistant solicitor general of the Gujarat High Court, as additional solicitor general of India for Gujarat High Court.

The order effective from July 1 will stand for a period of three years or until further orders, whichever is earlier. Raju was among six senior advocates who were appointed as ASG at the Supreme Court in the order signed by under secretary at department of personnel training in Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Rajeev Lochan.

Among the five appointed as additional solicitor generals of India for high courts, Vyas is the only one who is not a senior advocate. Raju has handled some of the most high profile cases in the state. He represented Union home minister Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin encounter case. Shah was subsequently discharged in the case. Raju has also represented several accused policemen in the encounter case. Raju also represented several complainants, including Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank, which had slapped defamation cases on Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Randeep Surjewala.

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raju caste in tamilnadu

Here's what you need to know. Buzzing Now Trending 'Brother to brother, shoulder to shoulder': Nepal climbers walk final steps together to K2 summit Trending 'Covid sucks': Man's generous tip for Colorado restaurant employees wins praise online Trending 'I may be bald butThe Raju caste, which A.

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Satyanarayana calls the "locally dominant landed gentry", claims Kshatriya status in the varna system despite there being "no real Kshatriya varna" in the Andhra region. Raju is a Telugu language variant of the Sanskrit title Rajaa term for a monarch or princely ruler. Cynthia Talbot describes the term as being:. In medieval Andhra Pradesh, the title was used in both senses, and was very likely adopted by some secular Brahminswho occupied important advisory functions.

The royal usage at that time was particularly prevalent in the northern coastal areas of the region. Talbot also notes that the title, and others in use at that time, do not align with the Vedic four-fold varna system and in that sense could not refer to a caste.

Although [the title] did not necessarily designate a distinct class, much less a bounded community, or a hereditary grouping, various sets of these titles differentiated social types marked by a common status and shared occupation.

TN Minister Kadambur Raju's Daughter Engagement - Gayathri \u0026 Ravikumar - ISWARYA PHOTOS

Temple inscriptions from the period of the Kakatiya dynastya South Indian dynasty that flourished between CE in the Telugu-speaking lands now in Andhra Pradesh, refer both to royal and clerical rajus as donors, together with peasant leaders called Reddies. A report published by the Overseas Development Institute indescribing the Rajus of Andhra as an ex-warrior caste, noted that along with the Kapu and Velama they were.

As of [update] the Rajus constituted less than 1 per cent of the population in Andhra Pradesh, concentrated mainly in the coastal region. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the village in Iran, see Raju, Iran. For others, see Raju disambiguation. In Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi ed. Orient Blackswan.

SV Raju appointed Additional Solicitor General of SC

Retrieved 29 February Fertility and familial power relations: procreation in south India. Psychology Press. Retrieved 4 March Oxford: Oxford University Press. September London: Overseas Development Institute.

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Download as PDF Printable version.I am simple and honest. I like winter, summer, and rainy season. Because i am an universal lover. They constitute 1. Religion had more to do with Rajus being classified as Kshatriyas than race.

The Rajus on the other hand consisted of clans that followed a strict Brahminical Vedic Hinduism. Ethnicaly they are an mix of the few Kshatriya and local warrior clans that ruled over Andhra Pradesh.

This was confirmed by recent genetic studies performed in Andhra University. Their history is unique to the region and have weak links, mostly through sporadic marriage alliances, to their Northern counterparts. Due to this members of the Vasistha and Kaundinya gotras traditionally can't marry each other as they would technically be considered brother and sister. About the true Rajus he postulated that their claim to being Kshatriyas was legitimate in the military sense but he was unsure of their link to the ancient Indo-Aryan Kshatriyas, as he felt since they ate meat that they couldn't be true Kshatriyas.

Padmanabham will long be remembered as the Flodden of the Rajputs of Vizianagaram. In religion they are mostly Vaishnavitesand their priests are Brahmans Claiming to be Kshatriyas, the Rajus of course assume the sacred thread, and are very proud and particular in their conduct, though meat eating is allowed. In all the more well-to-do families the females are kept in strict seclusion In some villages, Rajus seem to object to the construction of a pial, or raised platform, in front of their houses.

The pial is the lounging place where visitors are received by day.

raju caste in tamilnadu

The Rajus claim to be Kshatriyas so other castes should not sit in their presence. If pials were constructed, such people might sit thereon, and so commit a breach of etiquette. With the exceptions of the Satavahanas, Brihatpalayanas, and Salankayanas, who were from the Brahman caste and the Ikshavakus, Vishnukundinas, Haiheyas, and Chalukyas who belonged to the Kshatriya cast, many of the primary and fuedatory kingdoms of Andhra were established by powerful local agrarian warrior castes, including the Parichedi, Kota and Nandimandalam and Karvetinagar clans connected to the Rajus.

Most of the modern day Kshatriya families can trace their origins to the Chalukya period. Another account of their origins is that the Satvahanas were actually a Kayastha family. They now declare themselves Kshatriyas who fight with a pen rather than a sword.

After the Satavahana dynasty fell, during the period from A. Also a dynasty called Peddapalli was ruled by Adicherla Raju. Historians like Buhler and Rapson are in agreement with this view. Ikshvaku was the reputed founder of the Solar dynasty of monarches. His capital was Ayodhya. He had a houndred sons, and the eldest Vikushi succeeded his father as the ruler of Ayodhya.

Of the rest, fifty sons founded small principalities in Northern India. Forty eight of his sons migrated to the south and carved out kingdoms for themselves. His capital was Kusasthali. The Satavahanas were also referred to as Andhras. Though seven kings are said to have ruled for years in all, only a few are known by name from Inscriptions.Sharanya CR. While Ireland prides itself on being a multicultural country, courtesy of its liberal immigration policies, the explicit rental biases prevalent in the island nation are in stark contrast to its melting pot image.

This means Max or Ethan is likely to get a more favourable response than Sajith or Mohammed.

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Albeit the fact that racial profiling in rental practices is an elephant in the room, nothing has been done so far to eradicate the same. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

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We need to find a middle ground between a too-strong exchange rate that may defeat our manufacturing competitiveness, and a weak one that will cause inflation and reduce foreign investor confidence. To think that the victim, who is a child in this case, had to see her experience diminished and trivialised by the very court and law that is meant to ensure her protection, is disturbing on many levels.

Did none of them convince the Centre to amend its obdurate stance against the farmers? Contrary to claims that the 17th century Mughal mausoleum was a much older Hindu temple, historical evidence shows that was never the case. But are the cameras crossing the line? New coronavirus strains in Brazil and South Africa seem to override antibodies, raising questions about vaccine efficacy. One is intense and in-your-face, the other quiet yet steely. Two former cricketers weigh in on who makes a better captain — Ajinkya Rahane or Virat Kohli.

About three years after the pesticide poisonings in Vidarbha, in September a survivor and two farm widows filed a civil lawsuit in Bern, Switzerland, seeking compensation from Syngenta. We chronicle the events of the historic day when India declared itself a Sovereign Democratic Republic.

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The high school teacher and his wife from Chengalpet had worked hard to buy a home in Rangarajapuram, Kodambakkam, unaware of the anguish that being the sole scheduled caste SC house owners in an orthodox, Brahmin-dominated neighbourhood would bring.

While the regressive power structures behind caste-demarcated housing in rural areas make it to the headlines, the territorial ownership happens in the city as well, if anything in more toxic ways, as it perpetuates a system oppressed communities work hard to flee when they migrate to the city.

From being denied homes on the ground of caste, to being pressured out of properties, dalit tenants continue to live in the shadows. And what makes it worse, is that this blatant violation of a constitutional right under Article 15 that prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, race, caste, and place of birth, has few legal recourses to set it right, say experts.

Inscholars Sukhadeo Thorat, Anuradha Banerjee, Vinod K Mishra and Firdaus Rizvi conducted a survey on access to the urban rental market on the basis of caste and religion, in five metropolitan cities in the National Capital Region. They concluded there was an urgent need for state intervention in the form of policies to ensure fair access to marginalised sections of dalits and Muslims to private rental markets in the metropolis.

They also called for legal safeguards in the form of the enactment of laws that could act as a deterrent against such discrimination, along with changes in private and public housing policies. Previously, the Rent Control Act was the legislation in place to deal with landlord-tenant issues. There may also be situations in which housing societies are formed for the benefit of one particular community, or minority. And only if such a body comes under governmental aid or supervision can any article of the Constitution be invoked to challenge this, he says.

After a petition was sent to the collector, the company came out with a clarification. It all came to a melting point one day when they asked us to leave, pulled out our furniture on to the street. Pandiyan, executive director of Witness for Justice, says it is for these reasons that most dalit tenants tread carefully. Because roots are powerful, and the same theory flips on its head when it comes to dominant caste members in an urban setting.

Read 0 Comment post a comment.Now, four years after his elevation as additional secretary was allegedly stalled over his Dalit roots, he is spearheading a campaign for justice. ThePrint approached CVC Chowdary for comment, but was yet to get a response by the time of publishing.

raju caste in tamilnadu

This report will be updated when Chowdary responds. Explaining how the controversy started, Raju cited some anonymous complaints made against him in According to him, while the complaints were closed the same year, and it was concluded that the charges were not genuine, Chowdary reopened the inquiry injust when he was being considered for empanelment.

Raju was compelled to take the matter to the Delhi High Court inand, in Decemberthe court directed that a decision be taken upon the findings and recommendations of the NCSC within two months.

At the time, he told ThePrint, he was a sceptic about caste discrimination, and believed education and modernity had made it a thing of the past. According to details obtained by ThePrint through an RTI application last year, there are 81 secretary-rank officers in the central government, of which only two are from the Scheduled Castes and three from the Scheduled Tribes.

The reason usually offered for the under-representation of the Scheduled Castes at secretary-level is that, because of the reservation and extra attempts they get to crack the civil services exam, people from the community join the service late and retire before they can rise through the ranks, Raju said. India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises.

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Support Our Journalism. This happens everywhere. My father works in pwd sector, he and his other folks belonging to backward class were transferred to profiles where no work happens table work jobs mainly cz the caste. Casteism cannot be abolished without abolishing Caste based reservation and Caste based any shitty govt schemes.

Caste discrimination will keep going till caste based govt schemes exists. Hi…Yes it is true. Only few SCs have the dare to speak out of injustice to them.

If they regards all are equal why they did not allow their daughter to marry with dalits. Why there is caste based advertisement innewspapers for marriage. Some intellectuals are doing same distribution in University and colleges. When they gother the chance to recruit SCs or STs. It may take another century to be a equal Indian society. I salute him to raise such discrimination at higher level.

I am with respectable officer. Samuel you sir. Modi govt should send the culprits to Andaman nokobar for new posting. Caste discrimination is present in all spheres progressive rational upper castes people must think.