Saudi qatar blockade latest news

The breakthrough announcement on Monday came on the eve of the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC summit and could pave the way towards resolving a political dispute that led Riyadh and its allies to impose a boycott on Qatar. The Abu Samra land border between Saudi Arabia and Qatar was quiet on Tuesday morning, several hours after Kuwait announced the crossing was open.

Read the full story here. The resolution of the Saudi Arabia-led blockade of Qatar will not create a united front against Iran, a Middle East analyst from the University of Oxford said. In a social media post, Samuel Ramani said that at least four divergent policies continue to dominate the GCC, with Oman leading the engagement with Iran. A resolution of the Qatar crisis will not create a united front against Iran.

Well said.

Qatar crisis: Gulf leaders expected to end embargo at summit - BBC News

Welcome news, for everyone involved, their friends and partners. It is the beginning of a lasting solution.

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More work to be done, especially to move past the incredibly bitter feelings this needless blockade stoked between people and communities in the Gulf. The border between Qatar and Saudi is open, but there have been no crossing witnessed so far, Al Jazeera reporters at the Abu Samra crossing said. The border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is officially open Qatar pic. Gulf Arab nations have agreed to end a three-year blockade on Qatar, with Jared Kushner to attend the signing ceremony following his diplomatic efforts, a US official said.

Qatar will run its largest budget deficit in four years in thanks to the pandemic and lower energy prices. Usaid Siddiqui. The ministry also praised efforts by Kuwait and other international actors to end the crisis. Sheikh Tamim had received a formal invitation from Saudi King Salman to the six-nation summit. The move, announced by Kuwait, could pave way towards resolving political dispute in the GCC.

Qatar emir heads to Saudi Arabia for Gulf summit. Qatar faces largest budget deficit since Gulf rift. More from News. UK resists giving EU diplomats full status, sparking row. How a Pakistani folk band changed Pashtun narrative through music.

Twin suicide bombings hit heart of Iraqi capital, 28 killed. China sanctions Pompeo, other Trump administration officials. Trump pardons 73, commutes sentence for 70 others: Full list.The New Arab Staff. Date of publication: 28 November, The crisis was triggered by an illegal air, land and sea blockade on Qatar in Junewhen Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with Doha over false allegations it supports terrorism.

Qatar has vehemently denied the allegations and remained consistent on its stance throughout the ordeal. He added that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "feels that he is in the line of fire" after Biden's victory, and wants to deal with Qatar as a "signal he is willing and ready to take steps". The potential resolve to the crisis could score points with the incoming president who has already proven to be critical of MbS for rights violations, including the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the deadly Yemen war.

The national security advisor to US President Donald Trump, Robert O'Brien said Washington is working on the last diplomatic push to resolve the crisis, expressing hopes for an end to the blockade in the next 70 days.

The quartet imposed wide-ranging punitive measures including banning Qatari planes from passing through their airspace, closing the Gulf state's only land border with Saudi Arabia, and expelling Qatari citizens. But according to Shihabi, Kuwaiti mediators working to resolve the crisis secured a new deal to replace the list of 13 demands that were initially presented to Doha. The new deal aims to "pave way for a kiss and make up", he said. However, a person briefed on Doha's position said that no details of confidence-building measures had been discussed, the Financial Times report said.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has in recent weeks suggested the kingdom was "committed to finding a solution". We use our own cookies and third-party cookies to measure traffic to our website and analyse browsers' behaviour, with a view to improving the services we offer If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept the use of cookies.

View our privacy policy. Homepage : News. Breaking News. Share this page: 0. A Saudi analyst close to the royal court said the kingdom is seeking ways to resolve the Qatar blockade and subsequent GCC crisis "as a gift" to the Biden administration.

Saudi Arabia is reportedly searching for a resolution to the three-year long Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] crisis as a way to enhance relations with the incoming Biden presidency, according to reports.

Twitter Post The remarks come following weeks of reported diplomatic moves to end the blockade. The move dealt a blow to the Gulf Cooperation Council, of which Qatar is a member. The comments came amid conflicting reports over potential moves to end the crisis. The New Arab Comments. Most Popular. Loading Next Article Read More. Sign up to get this in your inbox every week Submit. Tick here to also receive our weekly highlights newsletter! We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and other customized activities.

Saudi Arabia ending its role in Qatar blockade, easing Gulf crisis

See our Privacy policy. Want to keep up to date with the latest news from the Middle East? Subscribe to our newsletter today! X We use our own cookies and third-party cookies to measure traffic to our website and analyse browsers' behaviour, with a view to improving the services we offer If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept the use of cookies. View our privacy policy yes, I accept. Twitter Post.Diplomatic relations have been restored between Qatar and four Arab states that imposed an embargo against it for three years, the Saudi foreign minister says.

Prince Faisal bin Farhad told reporters that the countries had agreed to "fully set our differences aside" at a Gulf Co-operation Council summit on Tuesday. The tiny, gas- and oil-rich state denied the accusation and rejected the conditions for ending the partial blockade, including closing the Doha-based Al Jazeera broadcast network and curbing relations with Iran.

saudi qatar blockade latest news

Later, Prince Faisal told a news conference: "What happened today is The lifting of the embargo on Qatar has taken months of patient, painstaking diplomacy, mostly by Kuwait, but with increasingly urgent prodding from the White House as the Trump presidency draws to a close.

The three-and-a-half year "blockade" has been immensely costly to both Qatar's economy and to the notion of Gulf unity. Qataris will not forgive or forget in a hurry what they see as a stab in the back by their Gulf Arab neighbours.

But beyond the diplomatic rhetoric one country in particular - the UAE - has grave doubts that Qatar is actually going to change its ways.

While Qatar denies supporting terrorism it has supported political Islamist movements in Gaza, Libya and elsewhere, notably the transnational Muslim Brotherhood which the UAE views as an existential threat to its monarchy. Meanwhile, the embargo has, if anything, pushed Qatar closer to Saudi Arabia's ideological enemies: Turkey and Iran. Qatar has long practised an ambitious foreign policy with different priorities to some other Gulf states, but there are two key issues which have angered its neighbours in the past decade.

One is Qatar's support for Islamists. Qatar acknowledges providing assistance to Islamist groups designated as terrorist organisations by some of its neighbours, notably the Muslim Brotherhood. The other key issue is Qatar's relations with Iran, with which it shares the world's largest gas field.

Qatar's only land border was closed; ships flying the Qatari flag or those serving Qatar were banned from docking at many ports; and much of the region's airspace was closed to Qatari aircraft. The countries presented Qatar with 13 demands as conditions for ending the embargo. They included closing Al Jazeera and other Qatar-funded news outlets, downgrading diplomatic ties with Iran, closing a Turkish military base in Qatar, and ending "interference" in other countries' internal affairs. Qatar refused to comply, saying it would not agree to "surrender" its sovereignty and that the "blockade" by its neighbours violated international law.

The emirate quickly established new trade routes with Iran and Turkey to ensure the basic needs of its population of 2. Kuwait served as a mediator in the dispute. US President Donald Trump unexpectedly sided with Saudi Arabia and its allies at the start of the dispute, denouncing Qatar as a "funder of terror" despite the emirate hosting the largest American military facility in the Middle East, al-Udeid airbase.

But Mr Trump's aides subsequently persuaded him to take a more neutral stance, and in he praised Sheikh Tamim's work on combating terrorist financing at a White House meeting. Kuwaiti mediation efforts appeared to make little progress until late last year, when the Trump administration intensified pressure on all sides for an end to the stand-off that thwarted their efforts to assemble an alliance of Sunni-led states to counter Iran and its proxies. How is Qatar coping with its embargo?

Earlier, Saudi Arabia's crown prince publicly embraced the emir of Qatar. In recent months, Kuwaiti and US mediators stepped up efforts to end the stand-off.

saudi qatar blockade latest news

How is Qatar coping with its economic embargo? Qatar country profile. On Monday night, Saudi Arabia agreed to reopen its land and sea borders and airspace to Qatar.

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What was the dispute about? Who cut links with Qatar? What led to the breakthrough? Related Topics.

Tue. 8:24 a.m.: Qatar ruler lands in Saudi Arabia for summit to end blockade

More on this story. Published 10 January Kuwaiti officials issued a statement last week saying that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have "confirmed their commitment" to reaching a solution and protecting "Gulf solidarity. The Qataris rejected the allegations. But for some Gulf watchers, the development is not a massive breakthrough but a moderate sign of progress some time in the making, with a long way still to go.

And its timing is important — just weeks before a Joe Biden administration takes the helm in the U. Washington has consistently urged the estranged parties to end the crisis as it's hampered U. Ian Bremmer, founder of political consultancy Eurasia Group and a frequent consultant to Gulf governments, also described the Saudi rapprochement as a response to the Biden win, as well as to the mounting standoff with Iran.

The Donald Trump administration has a particularly warm relationship with Saudi Arabia, far more so than the previous administration under Barack Obama. Biden is expected to make the Gulf countries less of a priority and has voiced criticism of the oil-rich Saudi kingdom, promising during a political debate to treat Saudi Arabia as "the pariah that they are.

Faced with this potential reality, Krieg said, "I think there is a concession there that for the Saudis is something they can't reject because they are under such immense pressure. Several attempts to reach a workable solution have failed, including a pre-blockade agreement in when Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain initially broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar only to restore them within a few weeks.

The dispute rested on Qatar's support for Islamists including the Muslim Brotherhood, and its flagship news outlet, Al Jazeera, voicing support for political Islam and criticism of other Gulf monarchies, all things that the other Gulf Cooperation Council states saw as grave threats. The blockade was in part a result of what Riyadh and Abu Dhabi said were unfulfilled promises by Qatar to meet their prior demands, plus new demands concerning Iran, which ironically has become much closer to Qatar since its isolation by the blockade.

There are still sticking points for the Saudis, says Eurasia Group's Bremmer. Can't have a breakthrough without that. Despite warm words from the Saudis — even describing the Qataris as "brothers," something unheard of since — a real end to the crisis is still a fair way away, not least because it would need all the involved states involved to be on board. Amid silence from the UAE, which many regional experts name as the lead instigator behind the blockade, a comprehensive solution remains elusive.

There has so far been no official statement from Abu Dhabi, whose anti-Arab Spring and anti-Islamist worldview is diametrically opposed to that of Doha. But the gaps are still larger and the trust is low. This will take some time. But to Ali Shihabi, a Saudi analyst who is close to the kingdom's royal court, an agreement between the Saudis and Qataris is still "going to happen. Of course time will only tell if the Qataris abide by their agreement since Saudi feels that they did not abide by their previous agreements, but still it's a big move," he told CNBC.

Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U.The decision to open borders was the first major step toward ending the diplomatic crisis that has deeply divided U. He was seen disembarking from his plane and being greeted with a hug by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, though both wore face masks due to coronavirus precautions.

The diplomatic breakthrough comes after a final push by the outgoing Trump administration and fellow Gulf state Kuwait to mediate an end to the crisis. The timing was auspicious: Saudi Arabia may be seeking to both grant the Trump administration a final diplomatic win and remove stumbling blocs to building warm ties with the Biden administration, which is expected to take a firmer stance toward the kingdom.

It was unclear what, if any, significant concessions Qatar had made toward shifting its policies. The boycott also pushed Qatar closer to Saudi rivals Turkey and Iran, which rushed to support the ultra-wealthy Gulf state when it faced shortages in medical and food supplies in the first days of the embargo.

While the Saudi decision to open its airspace, land and sea borders with Qatar marks a milestone toward resolving the dispute, the path toward full reconciliation is far from guaranteed. The meeting in Al-Ula would traditionally be chaired by Saudi King Salman, though his son and heir, the crown prince, may instead lead it. The Qatari emir has only attended the Gulf Cooperation Council summit once — when it was hosted by Kuwait — since the boycott started. He sent an envoy to the following two summits, held in Saudi Arabia.

Kushner has reportedly been invited to attend the signing ceremony in Al-Ula. It is also the first since the longtime leaders of both Oman and Kuwait died, ushering in a new crop of hereditary rulers. Those simmering tensions came to a boil in the summer ofwhen the four countries cut transport and diplomatic links with Qatar to pressure a change in its policies. The boycotting countries made a list of demands on Qatar that included shuttering its flagship Al-Jazeera news network and terminating Turkish military presence in Qatar, which is also home to a major U.

Qatar has outright rejected the demands, and has denied support of extremists. State-linked media in the UAE and Qatar lobbed vicious attacks back and forth. The boycott of Qatar had pitted regional U.

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In a sign that hostilities continue to simmer, Qatar protested to the U. The conflict in Libya is also a contentious issue, with Egypt and the UAE supporting militias fighting a Tripoli-based bloc backed by Turkey and Qatar. I'm interested in please check all that apply Daily Newsletter Breaking News. Subscribe Today.The apparent end to the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar and a reconciliation among the states involved prompts the question: when will the Saudi government release the citizens who were caught up in the conflict and imprisoned during the three and a half-year crisis?

In a breakthrough, it was announced on 4 January that Saudi Arabia had opened its land border with Qatar, paving the way for an easing of tensions that had led to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain severing diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar in mid And for the first time since the blockade on Qatar was imposed, the Qatari emir attended. While reconciliation is a welcome development when it reduces the risk of conflict and harm, it is important to recognise the years-long onslaught on human rights by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt and their razing of established norms of diplomacy, which created the conflict with Qatar in the first place.

Since his rise to the position of Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman has transformed the domestic Saudi socio-political arena beyond recognition, largely for the worse. Due to the arrest and imprisonment of many scholars, activists and journalists, and a dramatic increase in executionsSaudi civil society is being suffocated.

With a Twitter following of over 13 million and scholarly publications in various languages read by Muslims all over the globe, Alodah is more than just a reformist scholar of Islamic law. He is known for his embrace of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram in an effort to reach people of all ages and all backgrounds. Since his arrest in SeptemberAlodah has remained in solitary confinement. What triggered his arrest? A tweet on the Saudi-Qatar rift.

Shortly after the June announcement of the Saudi-led blockade on Qatar, officials from the royal court ordered Alodah to tweet a message in support of the action.

Saudi officials have regularly relied on the religious sector to publicly endorse their policies, but Alodah refusedand argued that reconciliation was better than the path his government had chosen.

Whether the reconciliation now between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain on one side and Qatar on the other will be truly harmonious or good-willed is yet to be seen. But at the very least the Saudi government should supplement its positive diplomatic effort with meaningful reforms that reflect an effort to reconcile with its own people. Abdullah Alaoudh is the son of Salman Alodah. He is director of research for the Gulf Region at Democracy for the Arab World Now and co-founder of the Saudi National Assembly party ; Abderrahmane Amor is a commentator, academic and former staff member of the Bernie Sanders campaign for president.

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Saudi Arabia opens land border with Qatar: Live news

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Qatar's only land border has been mostly closed since mid, when Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain launched the blockade against the tiny Gulf country, accusing it of supporting Islamist extremist groups and of having warm ties with Iran. The Saudi border, which Qatar relied on for the import of dairy products, construction materials and other goods, opened briefly during the past three years to allow Qataris into Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic hajj pilgrimage.

It was unclear what concessions Qatar had made or is promising to make regarding a shift in its policies. Kuwait, which had been mediating throughout the dispute, was first to announce the diplomatic breakthrough through its foreign minister. While the Saudi decision marks a major milestone toward resolving the Gulf spat, the path toward full reconciliation is far from guaranteed.

However, he cautioned: "We have more work to do and we are in the right direction. The lifting of the embargo by Saudi Arabia paved the way for Qatar's ruler to attend an annual summit of Gulf leaders Tuesday in the kingdom's ancient desert site of Al-Ula.

The summit would traditionally be chaired by Saudi King Salman, though his son and heir, the crown prince, may instead lead the meeting. Qatar confirmed late Monday that Sheikh Tamim had left for the summit. Analysts say his presence would have been domestically sensitive for him had the Saudi blockade still been in place. Former U. For the region it's also important," Smith said. Kuwait's foreign minister said in a statement carried on state TV that Kuwait's ruler had spoken with Qatar's emir and Saudi Arabia's crown prince.

The conversations "emphasized that everyone was keen on reunification," and would gather in Al-Ula to sign a statement that promises to "usher in a bright page of brotherly relations. The summit will be "inclusive," leading the states toward "reunification and solidarity in facing the challenges of our region," Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was quoted as saying in remarks carried by the Saudi state-run news agency.

And when you look at the region right now, they have a lot of challenges to deal with," he added. Saudi Arabia may be seeking to both grant the Trump administration a final diplomatic win and remove stumbling blocks to building warm ties with the Biden administration, which is expected to take a firmer stance toward the kingdom. Normalization with Qatar could buy Saudi Arabia time to strike compromises with the Biden administration on other issues, like its war in Yemen and potential U.

In a recent column for the UAE's The National newspaper, Beirut Institute founder Raghida Dergham questioned whether Gulf states would be able to finalize a strategy on how to approach the Iran issue, which they would then put forward to the Biden administration as it comes to power on January At heart are concerns that Qatar's close relations with Turkey and Iran have undermined regional security.

saudi qatar blockade latest news

Egypt and the UAE view Qatar and Turkey's support of the Muslim Brotherhood as a security threat and have deemed the group a terrorist organization. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are primarily concerned with Qatar's close ties with regional foe Iran.

Those simmering tensions came to a boil in the summer ofwhen the four countries announced their stunning blockade on Qatar and cut all transport and diplomatic links with it. The move frayed social ties, separating families who'd intermarried with Qataris.

It also pushed Qatar diplomatically closer to Turkey and Iran, which both rushed to Doha's aid with food and medical supplies that had been in short supply in the first days of the embargo.

Patriotic fervor swept through Qatar in support of Sheikh Tamim's resolve. Gas-rich Qatar also took an economic hit from the blockade, and its national airline was forced to take longer and more costly routes.

The blockading countries made a list of demands on Qatar that included shuttering its flagship Al-Jazeera news network and terminating Turkish military presence in Qatar, which is also home to a major U. Qatar has outright rejected the demands and has denied that its support of Islamist groups indicates support for violent extremists.